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Hi there, thanks so much for visiting my website. Iím Imogen, the gal on the other side of the screen. I live in my hometown Wellington, New Zealand where Iíve been running my own handmade business since I started it as a hobby in 2009. I went full-time in 2013, and never been happier with my work or my life! Donít get me wrong, itís a lot of hard work and very long hours, but I am giving it a shot and itís a great feeling betting on myself! A mentor of mine said it best and I couldnít agree more ďI believe in handmade. I believe in the power and the goodness of the micro-economy. I buy handmade wherever I can. I believe that the more of us who succeed, the better our world and our lives will be.Ē

Iím a jeweller and a blogger. Iím also a wife, a mother, and an only child, a chocolate-addict, a bookworm & facebook-aholic.

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If you would like to commission a design, stock my jewellery, require some more information or would just like to have a good chat iíd love to hear from you! Click on the giant envelope above to email me. You can also follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, sign up for my Newsletter (above) or follow my Blog!

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